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call me out ❋ random scenario meme

character list here!

ACTION ➡ Fighting and monsters and explosions, oh my!
ANGST ➡ Prepare for some sobbing!
CRACK ➡ Or are you in the mood to laugh your head off?
FLUFF ➡ Perhaps we need more marshmallows?
GENERAL ➡ Really? Plain old vanilla?
HISTORICAL AU ➡ Oh, something of a better vintage!
HURT/COMFORT ➡ Nothing like comfort food.
INTIMACY ➡ Turn down the lights~
ROMANCE ➡ And put on some romantic comedies!
SMUT ➡ Then crawl between the sheets...!
TYPICAL AU ➡ What if they did this instead?
RANDOM ➡ Spontaneity is the spice of life.

➊ APOCALYPSE ➡ The apocalypse finally happened and now you're left to scavenge and fight for whatever is left!
➋ BAR BRAWL ➡ I got drunk, you got drunk, we argued, it led to bloodshed… typical night out. Nothing new.
➌ BATTLE ➡ Grab your weapons, meet me here at sundown, and say your prayers. Who (or what) do you have to fight, and why? Is it a hopeless cause? A friendly spar? Or for HONOR?!
➍ CHASE ➡ Be it in a car or on foot, someone is chasing the another! Hopefully it’s not for a broken law or in the name of love!
➎ ESPIONAGE ➡ Go classy or cliché; just play that mission impossible music. Sets the mood every time.
➏ GUN FIGHT ➡ Making my way downtown, walking fast, turning around to the other way~ Someone has drawn a gun. Was it you? Was it a surprise? Or were you waiting to let out a can of whoop ass?
➐ HOSTAGE ➡ Why were you taken? Is help on its way? Perhaps you are the one who is robbing the bank or getting ransom money out of a greedy billionaire.
➑ MYSTERY ➡ Someone was murdered, something was stolen, or something weird happened. Can you figure it out before the thief or the murderer gets away with it? Is it even what it seems?
➒ RESCUE ➡ In some shape or form, someone is getting saved. Did they want to be saved, though? What if you arrived too late?
➓ ZOMBIES ➡ It's the zombie apocalypse— lock and load!
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ BETRAYED ➡ You trusted them and this is what they do. How could they? How are you going to get over this? Can you ever forgive them, or shall you decide upon revenge?
➋ BREAKUP ➡ Oh, man. This could be really sob-fest drunken ranting bad or lead to an all night ice cream sappy chick flicks fest. Hopefully, the details aren’t too horrible (like cheating).
➌ DEPRESSION ➡ It’s more than things going badly, lately. Can someone lift your spirits up? How did you get so low in the first place?
➍ HATE ➡ Everything always has a limit and hatred has a boiling point. What tipped the scale and made you lash out? What did you do, once pushed over the edge?
➎ INJURY ➡ No one likes to get hurt, emotionally or physically. Yet, somehow, here you are. Were you the one hurt? A loved one? Was it an accident, or did someone really mean to do it?
➏ JEALOUSY ➡ You hate this feeling inside you, twisting and seething inside, but how can you ignore it? Or not act upon it, lest you drive yourself insane?
➐ LOSS ➡ A loved one died, you lost your job, you were defeated… loss is hard to handle, even if you have someone beside you. Hopefully, you can pick up the pieces and move on. Right?
➑ NIGHTMARES ➡ Whatever you fear the most is now real or maybe you're just trapped in a dream together, but whatever it is, it feels too real. Livin' the dream? More like suffering the nightmare.
➒ SEPARATION ➡ From lost siblings to a lover taken away by business to deadbeat parents you need to confront, you need to find someone and get some sort of closure, no matter how foolish or unneeded it may seem.
➓ WRONG ➡ You love someone you shouldn’t. You like to do something that is considered taboo. Even a simple guilty pleasure, like donuts when you’re dieting. Either way, it’s so, so wrong.
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ ANIMAL ➡ Oh no, Timmy fell down the well? Wait— what do you mean you’re not really a dog? That is just silly. Of course you are.
➋ AWKWARD ➡ Stammering, blushing, dying of embarrassment… everyone dreads this, be it in front of a crush or a crowd of people during a public speech, or anything really.
➌ BUTTERFINGERS ➡ Just… don’t handle anything breakable. For the rest of the day. You have done enough damage. Please.
➍ DE-AGED ➡ Aww, who is an adorable little brat again? You are! Now don’t try to convince me you can still take over the world. It’s your naptime.
➎ GENDER BENDER ➡ The birth certificates lied. How did this happen? Magical spell? Switched bodies with someone? Either way, have fun~
➏ MIND READING ➡ Don’t let anyone know! They’ll think you’re insane! But we do encourage you to look in on people’s thoughts, find their secrets, gather intel, and use it against them.
➐ MIND SWAP ➡ Oh god oh god you’re in someone else’s body eeeeew!! How did this happen? Are you going to use this to your advantage, or are you going to be scared for the rest of your life?
➑ RANDOM BED ➡ Okay. Go back to bed, quietly escape, or make out with someone new? How did you end up in this person’s bed anyways?
➒ SUDDEN POWERS ➡ You… have… the powerrrrrr!!! How did you come by them? Was it a sudden lab explosion? Bitten by something? Cursed? Or blessed by a god to protect the world? A contract?
➓ TRUTH SERUM ➡ Try as you might, you are unapologetically, brutally honest. Maybe this is horrible for you, a pathological liar, or maybe it will be kind of a cathartic experience.
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ CHEERING UP ➡ Not every day goes well. Sometimes you need some support or encouragement, someone to remind you that as long as you do your best and try to learn from mistakes, all will be well.
➋ CONFESSION ➡ Can you gather enough courage to finally express your feelings? Will they be returned? Or perhaps someone is confessing to you. How are you going to handle it?
➌ CUDDLING ➡ There is nothing better than the classic. How can anyone resist being physically close to a loved one? Especially when it’s been a rotten day or you’re totally in love.
➍ DANCE ➡ Dancing with a loved one is always enjoyable, either alone at home or in a club. Do you guys like to rock out in a mosh pit or are you the slow waltz in the middle of the living room sort?
➎ DATE NIGHT ➡ Movie? Dinner? Somewhere romantic? Date nights are always fun and can be a great way to rekindle romance.
➏ GIFT ➡ Birthday? Anniversary? Or are you getting your loved one something just because? Gifts, especially when they are unexpected, are a great way to show affection or brighten someone’s day. Even a random piece of candy.
➐ HORSE PLAY ➡ Do you prefer pillow fights or chasing each other with a hose when you were supposed to be washing the car? How about just tackling each other into bed?
➑ HUGS ➡ Having a rough day? Succeeded in something? Hug away, my friend! Share hugs with more than one person, pass them along, do a group hug, but don’t hold back!
➒ KISSING ➡ Silly kisses? Sweet kisses? Passionate ones? Kisses come in all shapes and sizes and can mean different things to different people. Either way, like with hugs, you shouldn’t hold back.
➓ MARRIED LIFE ➡ Whether in spirit or literally, it's time to get down to life's basic pleasures. Cooking for someone, taking care of them when sick (or hungover), cleaning the place up before they get home from work. Let's get domestic!
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ BUMPED IN EACH OTHER ➡ A cliché, but an awesome way to meet someone new. Does it lead to a new friendship or romance, or perhaps a brawl in the streets? Maybe they were a criminal on the run!
➋ CHAT GROUP ➡ Ah, the internet. Nothing like a random chat room where you can be anyone you want to be or talk with someone halfway across the world.
➌ CLASSES ➡ Getting lessons for something? Helping a friend learn a new skill or do better on the next exam? Learning and teaching can open up a ton of possibilities between people.
➍ GROUP PROJECT ➡ Projects in school can be fun, but group projects all depend upon who is put together and how well they work. Are you the lazy one, or the one picking up the slack?
➎ HANGING OUT ➡ There isn’t much more fun than spending time with a good friend! Has it been a while since you have seen each other? Or is this a weekly routine?
➏ NEWBIE ➡ You are completely new at something: be it a job or a hobby or something else. Good thing there is someone to give you some tips and help you learn the ropes!
➐ OLD FRIENDS ➡ It’s been a long time since you have seen each other and you hope you can pick up right where you left off. All the best friends do, but even if you don’t, it’s just as much fun!
➑ PEN PALS ➡ You two have never seen each other or spoken verbally, but that is the best part! Will you ever get onto skype or possibly meet in person? How nervous are you?
➒ RETURNED ITEM ➡ Someone lost their umbrella, a hat got caught on the wind, or per. Either way, you’ve made someone’s day in a little way, or if the item is more valuable, you saved their week.
➓ WRONG NUMBER ➡ Oh man, this is a little embarrassing! So, how are you? Are you at all interested in conversing with a complete stranger? It will be a lot more fun than you think!
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

ANCIENT ROME ➡ Ah! Rome! A glorious empire filled with corruption, expansion, murder, philosophy, wars, science, and more! Who dares doubts our emperor? No, really, his campaigns in Gaul are questionable.
COLD WAR ➡ Ah, espionage, the spread of communism, threats of nuclear bombs, what a time. Can you resist the propaganda? How is it trying to keep up with the Joneses? Or do you have more pressing worries?
GUPTA EMPIRE ➡ During this time period, scientific and artistic endeavors flourished and elements of Hindu culture developed, but it was not done easily. Are you part of a kingdom taken over? Are you a monk? Or are you an invading Hun?
HAN DYNASTY ➡ Considered the golden age of China, the Han Dynasty was started by a rebel and lasted for four hundred years. Science and economics flourished, as did political intrigue and conflicts. Where do you fit in this complex world of bureaucracy?
ISLAMIC GOLDEN AGE ➡ A time of learning, discovery, and invention, the Middle East rose in power, wealth, and prospered under a stable regime that stressed knowledge over power. Are you a scholar? A ruling prince? A foreigner coming to trade?
MIDDLE AGES ➡ A turbulent time depending upon where you are, the Roman Empire has fallen, people are now beginning to explore, and feudalism is on the rise. Are you a survivor of Rome? A Viking? An Irish monk who just wants to be left alone?
RENAISSANCE ➡ While this time was full of art and literature, it was also filled with corruption, scandals, and assassinations. Are you a lowly peasant making a living? An artist trying to sell your work? Or a pope pulling strings?
REVOLUTIONARY WAR ➡ A bit more of a wild card, as revolutions happen all the time in all sorts of places and for hundreds of different reasons. Which one did you land in? Which side are you on?
TOKUGAWA SHOGUNATE ➡ A time heavily explored in period films, the Tokugawa Shogunate would prove to be the end of the samurai era after Tokugawa Yoshinobu resigned. Though stable and peaceful, trade and influence from foreign countries and inflation caused turmoil, controversy, and strife.
WORLD WAR II ➡ The previous war was supposed to end all wars, but it doesn’t look like it was meant to be. Trenches, espionage, corruption, and horrible acts of violence are spreading across the world. Are you a soldier? A victim? Left behind back home?
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ ABANDONED ➡ Did someone forget to pick you up? Were you left stranded on an alien planet by your captain? Did you find someone who was left behind? How can you cope with being given up on, or helping someone overcome that?
➋ BROKEN ➡ Sometimes people are not mentally well. It takes time and patience to heal, to recover from those scars, if they ever do. It’s not an easy road... How do you deal with being broken or knowing someone who is?
➌ DAY OFF ➡ Life has been hard and insane and full of chaos and stress. Though you would rather do all those projects and errands, you can’t keep pushing yourself. So enjoy the day off your friends are forcing on you.
➍ EXHAUSTION ➡ You have pushed yourself too hard and now you have to rest, if you will let yourself. Sometimes you can’t stop and sometimes you don’t see the edge you’re quickly approaching. Can someone stop you? Or will it take a bigger consequence?
➎ FEAR ➡ Fear is a hard thing to deal with. Are you afraid of the dark? Are you afraid to come forward about something? Are you afraid of losing your job? What can you do about overcoming this fear?
➏ INSANITY ➡ Reality is slowly crumbling away. People and perceptions cannot be trusted. Are you the one who needs help? Or perhaps you are the doctor dealing with a tough case. Maybe you’re a loved one suffering too.
➐ LOSS OF SENSE ➡ Can you no longer feel anything? Have you lose your sense of smell or become deaf? Losing a sense for one reason or another is difficult for everyone, but hopefully, it will come back or you can adapt.
➑ NIGHTMARES ➡ You wake up screaming in the middle of the night, covered in cold sweat, and maybe punching the nearest object. How else are you supposed to wake up from a nightmare? Maybe there will be someone there to comfort you.
➒ PATCHING UP ➡ After every battle, you gotta tend to those wounds, right? Maybe someone is having trouble getting a bandage around their arm or someone is refusing to take their medicine and get some rest.
➓ SICKNESS ➡ Oh, you poor thing! Are you sniffling in bed, surviving on thin soup, or are you in more serious condition? It really won’t be too bad if you had someone visit you with flowers and a get-well package.
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ AFTERGLOW ➡ Couples seem to like the moments after sex where everything is cozy and you’re still kind of breathless. Do you whisper soft words to each other and enjoy the moment or start it all up again?
➋ ANNIVERSARY ➡ These are special days, milestones to celebrate, because so far, you’ve made it! Have you been dating for six months? Married for ten? Or is it someone’s birthday or has an achievement been accomplished?
➌ CONVERSATIONS ➡ People don’t often think about it, but conversations affect a relationship a lot. Over tea, on a long drive, it’s always fun getting to know someone better or joke about nothing.
➍ COURTING ➡ Different from dating, courting is more focused on marriage compatibility, not romantic compatibility. Hopefully, you already know that. So, would you make a good married couple? Or do they hate to clean and you don’t want kids?
➎ HOLDING HANDS ➡ Who doesn’t like to hold hands? It can be a simple, sweet gesture when you’re walking down the sidewalk or it could be a means of comfort and support when times are bad. And who says you just have to hold them? Hands are versatile after all.
➏ KISSING ➡ Hard kisses, passionate kisses, cold kisses on the cheeks, there are different kinds for all sorts of couples. Which are your favorites? The romantic ones? The silly ones? Either way, pucker up!
➐ LOVE NOTES ➡ Classic trope! Who doesn’t like to get a little bit of encouragement on a big day or a random Valentine’s Day surprise? Do you go all out or do you make them as cheesy as possible?
➑ PASSION ➡ Every romantic relationship has passion, or the ones that are sexual. Go on, light some candles and set some mood music. Enjoy an oppertunity to spend some quality time with your partner.
➒ RAINY DAY ➡ Rainy days remind people of tea and cozy fires and that their plans can sometimes be ruined by mother nature. Oh well, now you just need to find other things to do while you’re stuck inside!
➓ SLEEPING IN ➡ Sometimes you want to do nothing but snuggle up to someone and ignore the alarm clock. If they happen to miss an appointment or if you’re late for work... you can always make a phone call and pretend you’re sick.
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ BEEN A WHILE ➡ For whatever reason, it has been a long time since you have seen your loved one. Business trip? Family emergency? They got kidnapped by aliens? Time to reunite and make up for lost time.
➋ BREAKFAST IN BED ➡ There is nothing sweeter than getting pampered first thing in the morning. As easy as it may seem, breakfast can be challenging! So stay in bed, eat, cuddle, watch some movies, whatever.
➌ DATE NIGHT ➡ A lot of couples forget that even if they are in a relationship, dates are important! You need some hours to focus on being a couple, being in love, and away from things like family and work. So go and have fun!
➍ FIRST TIME ➡ This is a big step for any relationship, even if you’re not virgins. Of course, it can be an anticipated step as well. Is everyone ready? Do you pull out all the stops for the big night?
➎ FLOWERS ➡ A traditional gift as any, flowers still make everyone’s faces light up and give a kiss. Unless they’re allergic. Then you got a runny nose and a quick trip to the store.
➏ HOLIDAY ➡ Whoo! Who doesn’t like to celebrate a favorite holiday? Do you work on a barbeque together? Put up a Christmas tree? Throw a party? Or do you just dress up and score free candy together?
➐ MASSAGE ➡ From giving each other massages at home to going to a couple’s massage in a spa, it’s nice to close your eyes and get the worries and stress rubbed out of you.
➑ PROPOSAL ➡ Forget about a final exam or an interview. Proposing is the most nerve-wracking thing ever. Will they say yes? What if they say no? What if you lose the ring or they get sick or anything else??
➒ VACATION ➡ Ahh, time to pack your bags and literally get away from it all. Are you going backpacking across the country? Flying to an exotic location? Got snowed into a ski lodge?
➓ WEDDING ➡ Everyone has dreamed of their wedding once or twice: the cake, the invitations, the bride or groom, the vows... and of course, the wedding night! How does yours go? Horrible? Like a dream?
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ BONDAGE ➡ Anything from handcuffs to the artful binding of shibari, someone's gonna get tied up!
➋ COCK/BALLS ➡ Worship, admiration, a little bit of abuse— anything that focuses on the family goods is a go!
➌ EXTREME ➡ Knifeplay, sounding, double penetration; there's no holds barred here, so work out some fantasies and fly your freak flag high!
➍ FIRST TIMES ➡ Whether together or in general, someone is going to have to coax the other along. First blowjobs, first bondage experience, first penetrative sex. It's all green!
➎ HEALING ➡ You've both fought hard or gone through a rough time and it's time to get some R&R in!
➏ ORAL ➡ Does it require lips? Some tongue action? Then you're in the right place. Cunnilingus or fellatio, kisses peppered everywhere, or some good ol' facefucking. Those lips weren't made for talkin'!
➐ ORGASM CONTROL/DENIAL ➡ But you were almost there—! The timing wasn't right or you were especially bad, but surely it'll be worth the wait. Unless chastity play is on the field.
➑ ROUGH SEX ➡ Sometimes there's no time to work up to it. You need it and you need it now, before it's too late / they're gone / your hatred passes, however it ends up on the table. It's gonna be a wild ride!
➒ TOYS ➡ You're eager to try something new or just need some assistance when you're lacking the, ahem, equipment. So a stop in a shop was necessary!
➓ UNUSUAL LOCATIONS ➡ A bar's bathroom, the kitchen counter, or behind your mom's garden shed— the mood strikes at will and the location isn't always convenient. Make use of what you've got!
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

➊ CAMELOT ➡ Knights! Dragons! Damsels in distress! Damsels handling distress quite well! This time is shrouded in mystery and legend, but who says you can’t let your imagination run wild with these stories?
➋ FAIRY TALE ➡ From following a classic fairy tale or making up your own, your world has transformed into a land of magic and myth. What role do you play? Dare you break out of the classic tropes?
➌ HIGH SCHOOL ➡ Exams, pranks, crushes, dances, cheerleaders, hiding in the library… High school is a nostalgic time and a favorite AU for many role players. Ah, the possibilities.
➍ HOGWARTS ➡ As if we really need to explain this world to you. Put on the hat, grab a wand, and do some magic! Don’t restrict yourself to just the books either. There are quite a few eras to play with!
➎ MIRROR VERSE ➡ Bad guys are good guys? Good or bad? Everyone is evil? What is going on?? A mirror verse is just what you might think it is: the most important details of your universe have been made opposite.
➏ PRISON ➡ You're serving time for crimes you didn't commit, or crimes you DID commit, and well. Just don't drop the soap!
➐ SAILOR MOON ➡ Ordinary school kid by day, magical warrior by night, who wouldn’t want the power to obliterate monsters?
➑ SPIES ➡ In a complicated information age world, hard drives and floppy disks can make the world crumble or save it. Avoid laser securities, figure out which government is lying to you, and try not to run into James Bond if you’re evil. You’ll lose.
➒ VAMPIRE ➡ One of the most classic tropes ever. Who can resist giving their characters fangs and a back story, adapting their canon to everything classical vampires have to deal with, or making up a new world for them?
➓ WILD WILD WEST ➡ Though considered dangerous and full of hardships, the wild west was a time of exploring uncharted land, opportunities to build a new life, break old chains, and create a name for yourself. And gunfights. Don’t forget gunfights.
WILD CARD ➡ Want to roll again? Make up your own? Go for it!

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[personal profile] beezinthetrap 2016-02-19 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
[ waves? ]
cleanfreak: <user name="ajna"> (pic#6792505)

IT WAS LEVI RIGHT.... u pick: 1-10 for zombies, 11-1 for camelot AU, or 3-1 furry shit!!

[personal profile] cleanfreak 2016-03-07 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
beezinthetrap: (no jokin')

[personal profile] beezinthetrap 2016-03-23 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
[ this is the worst. the worst! ]

Aren't zombies a bit beneath me?

[ he hovers a few inches off of the ground, the tips of his shoes just barely gliding across the gravel. one would think this would be quiet but his fly wings make a very distinct humming noise. ]

You're supposed to be ... what is it? The strongest man in an army? [ purposely butchering the title, he hopes that would spring the clean-freak into action. not against him, of course, but against the creatures that are infesting the entire city! low-level creatures that should be nothing to a demon of his caliber.

but ... but ...

akutabe decides to only give him back his appearance and seal his powers! he cannot even figure out where his grimoire is! how is he supposed to survive in these situations? by clinging to and antagonizing someone who is much stronger than he is. normally, he is a lot more soothing, a lot more helpful, but the situation does not call for that, does it? ]

I don't want to be eaten by those things... have you ever been even before? No, because you only have this one life! [ his shoulders give a shudder. yes, the grimoire grants immortality and while he may have that, he doesn't want to experience being torn apart! ] Are you listening to me?!
cleanfreak: (pic#6641545)

[personal profile] cleanfreak 2016-04-03 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[ No, the worst thing is realizing that the idiot he's with is purposefully trying to instigate some protection by annoying Levi. Even worse is that buzzing. He's familiar enough with horseflies, but never has he had to deal with a fly the size of a (small) horse.

Why this demon of sorts chose to adhere to Levi, possibly the unfriendliest person in the city, is a mystery. ]

Sure, we'll go with that.

[ And also he perpetually smells of shit. Just enough to notice but not so bad that it was reason to ditch him forever. He'd caught him microwaving a fresh log once. Never again. ]

Don't be so quick to assume I've never been eaten before, either. These lazy shits are nothing compared to titans.

[ This is said about as casually as possible as he walks along, machete in hand idly slicing off heads like a hot knife through butter. The sharpness of the blade and the weight combined with his strength made it seem easy.

He's not trying particularly hard to ward off the couple of stragglers going after those dangling fly's legs. Just the ones before him. In fact, when he turns to look over his shoulder, one's trying to grasp at one of Beelzebub's legs to take a good ol' bite out of him!!

Naturally, Levi isn't doing anything to protect him. ]
beezinthetrap: (let me bust that u-ie)

[personal profile] beezinthetrap 2016-04-06 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Sure, we'll go with that... he says.

[ 'ch. He hates someone who has a voice so similar to his own to sound so dismissive. That is his job! His character! The agitation continues to eat at him -- his wings beating just a little faster. If they could, his wings probably would be sweating profusely too. ]

Don't go talking about delicious food at a time like this!

[ Also, the little soldier best not be talking negatively about his cuisine! It is bad enough that his meal was cut short -- and not allowed to have any other. At a time like this, at a time like this, isn't comfort food what someone needs most?

In any case, he flies down to hover close to the other's shoulder as he realizes that he raised his voice too much. Sweat curls down his chin and threatens to drip onto the other. Thankfully, Beeyan lifts his gloved hand to hastily wipe at his chin before it does. ]

Even if I leave you to die, it wouldn't ensure my safety... [ He starts before his leg is grabbed -- ah!? His wings start to beat that much faster as he's lifting the zombie up off the ground. Not that it seems to upset the dead much as it just continues to try to take a bite out of his leg. ]

Do something! DO SOMETHING!
cleanfreak: <user name="ajna"> (pic#6930866)


[personal profile] cleanfreak 2016-04-20 11:30 am (UTC)(link)
[ The scowl Levi pulls in response is epic in proportion, disgust shown clearly on his face as he looks up (but really, down.) at Beelzebub, taking note of the zombies creeping up behind him.

Yep, not doing a thing.

At a time like this, those who eat shit need to just die and accept the natural order of things. ]

The only one who would die is you, apparently. Can't those wings of yours carry you any higher? Useless.

[ IF LEVI KNEW HOW TO LAUGH HE'D BE BUSTING A GUT RIGHT HERE, HONESTLY, but all he gets is an amused little snort and the sudden lack of weight as Levi's sword cleaves the body off the arm that'd grabbed the fly demon, leaving just a hand and half a forearm clutching at his leg while the zombie hits the ground, skull cracking enough that the soldier can easily finish the job with one fell swoop. ]

You got a little something still hanging on you. Looks like a piece of shit; I guess it's your dinner.
cleanfreak: (pic#6641521)

levi ● attack on titan

[personal profile] cleanfreak 2016-03-08 07:35 am (UTC)(link)
diabeetus: (pic#9963458)

gintoki ● gintama

[personal profile] diabeetus 2016-03-08 07:35 am (UTC)(link)
treasuresunclothed: TUMBLRS BEWARE KEEP YOUR SLIMY MITTS OFF (gonna wreck dat ass like taylor swift)

sinbad ● magi: the labyrinth of magic

[personal profile] treasuresunclothed 2016-03-08 07:36 am (UTC)(link)
restorer: (Default)

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

[personal profile] restorer 2016-04-29 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
[hiro's phone rings.

now, this is not anything particularly novel; hiro does in fact talk to other people. he hangs out with them! normally they send text messages because that's the thing all the hip and cool kids do nowadays, but phone calls are a thing that people do sometimes too. what's unusual is that hiro doesn't recognize the number - most of his friends he already has programmed into his phone.

which means it is either a telemarketer or a wrong number. to most people this would be a source of annoyance; for hiro, it's a thing that will make his and possibly someone else's day a little more interesting.

he reaches into his jeans pocket, unfolds his old-school flip phone, and brings it up to his ear.]

Hello? [now, he could say who this is or something, but that isn't very fun and/or interesting.]
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[ Sinbad is not a daft man. He immediately knows that this is not who he had intended to call by any stretch, mostly because the person he had been calling was a woman. In a strange turn of events, Sinbad has a rather up to date smartphone which he has no actual idea how to use. It was a magical device that listened to his every vocal command, and this one had been "call Willow" or something similar. His accent must have thrown it off and it had run through the directory of generic jamjar network handles.

There was no purpose to the call in the first place; he'd just been bored. So this will do. Resting his chin in his hand, elbows propped on a cafe table outside, he rolls with it. In a very sultry voice. ]

Knock knock.
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[............... this is not what hiro expected. he wasn't sure WHAT he expected, but this wasn't it. not that hiro gives any indication that he's caught off guard, because this is... well, whatever it is, it should be fun, at least. right?

so trying to hide the smile in his voice, hiro replies, as calmly and normally as he can.]

Who's there?

[and why does this guy sound like he wants to be a jazz singer?]
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[ Yes good, this person is prepared to play. Never a dull moment with this handy device!! ]


[ WOW IT'S NOT A JAZZ SINGER IT'S A PHONE SEX OPERATOR!!! ...except as a deep-voiced man. But you know what isn't sexy? A man named Al. Like Al Bundy. SHUDDERS... ]
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Al who?

[there's nothing saying that he can't be a phone sex operator slash jazz musician. which one he moonlights as and which one is his day job is anyone's guess.

hiro knows exactly where this is going; it's going to a terrible, stupid knock knock joke. is this a prank call, or is this someone he knows from like, the one payphone left in the year of our lord 2016? regardless, well.

it's fun. at least for now it is. he hasn't gotten too much of a chance to roll with this, though.]
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[ The sultry voice drops and it's just some playful king on the other end, barely keeping the lame chuckle at bay once he's delivered: ]

Al give you a kiss if you tell me who I've accidentally rung up? I don't suppose this is Willow's phone by any chance.

[ Willow, Hiro, they both end in "oh", right? Apparently that's all Seelie (Siri's mythical cousin) cared about was a "close enough" college try. Yes, it was lame; but Sinbad seems to own up to it. ]
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[hmmm. is this willow's phone? hiro decides, immediately, that it is, in fact, willow's phone, and that hiro at least knows willow. unfortunately, not a willow played by warwick davis, because there's no good reason a japanese teenager should know about late 80s high fantasy movies, but a willow nonetheless.]

And what if it is? [hiro lets just the faintest hint of threatening into his tone, like maybe he's willow's weird jealous boyfriend or something who screens her calls, or something creepy.

he's not doing it out of malice; just because, well, it's something to do. while he's talking, he's going to get up, actually; head out of his bedroom and out the door, enjoying the ... fine crowdedness of the city during this, feet taking him wherever. he's not really paying attention to where he's going or the weird looks he is going to be getting during this conversation - it's just something to do while he does something involving willow.]
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[ He feels as though he may have stepped into something sticky, but Sinbad's no stranger to sticky. In fact, his smile only widens more, not simply because the waitress has set down the thick Turkish coffee still idly bubbling before him, curls of steam rising into the cool air. No, this Willow was no Warwick Davis, but she was a delightful little sprite of a lady that he's quite certain has no jealous boyfriends.

She was a whore, you see. A redheaded one, because Willows were never anything but copper-headed bewitchers. His interest doesn't wane, however. ]

I'd ask you to kiss her for me, of course. She's a fine kisser. Surely you must know this.

[ Yeah, Sinbad's not riled by some other guy trying to be possessive of a whore. Should the man on the other end get any more uppity, he'll have to share some world-weary wisdom with the guy. Don't fall in love with whores was only the beginning.

Should Hiro wander downtown and into the tidy little circle of cafes and food carts, he'll find a bronze-skinned man with purple hair to his knees, twirling the end of his ponytail about his fingers and charming the waitress into sitting with him and partaking of the Turkish delight served alongside while he chats, gold eyes half-lidded and still intense. Only because there's a cute girl sitting with him, really. ]
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[hiro sounds shocked. astonished. of course, he's also making all of this up as he goes, and he has a sneaking suspicion that the person on the other end might be sorta just rolling with this too... oh well. not a big deal to hiro, who has currently cheerfully ignored the weird looks he is getting from people who pass by.

man, if only he had a nice cafe to go to. but no, he's in the middle of the city with far too many people around.]

What do you mean 'her'?

[just let a slight note of panic go into your voice. there you go, hiro. you know, the world would probably be better off if he used all this creative energy on something that was not coming up with a fake narrative for a guy who randomly called him.]
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[ Oh?? So this person doesn't know Willow...? (Of course this person doesn't know Willow; she isn't made up, per se, but he had already confirmed he's dialed the wrong number by looking at his screen. ]

Her? Willow of course. Your girlfriend.

[ Because he's still gladly going along with this. What's with the panic? ]
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What do you mean, girlfriend? Is there something I don't know about Willow?

[listen, sinbad. hiro knows willow (well, this fictional willow that may or may not be the willow that sinbad is referring to.) and hiro has decided that this particular willow is not a girl. who this willow is, he hasn't figure out yet, but...

he's doing a good job of letting faux-anger go into his voice - like a man betrayed. how could you do this to him? how could willow lie about who he was? or she was?! WHO WILLOW WAS?!]
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[ Oh. Oh my. This has taken a turn for... the mysterious. ]

Besides the fact that Willow is a very sweet cyprian in the brothel downtown? [ That's some fancy talk for calling her a whore. Oops. ] Did she blindfold you and use that hip harness again? That's her favorite prank.

[ He's not saying he's pegged you as the type, Hiro, seeing as he doesn't know you, but now he's raising a brow. You can practically hear it, with how luxuriously full they are. Like a caterpillar eating a crunchy leaf.

There there child, it's happened to the best of us. ]
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How dare you call him something like that. How dare you...

[hiro is keeping his laughter contained, but it's getting progressively more and more difficult to take this as seriously as he has been so far. he has no idea who this guy is or willow is, but apparently this confusion is stemming from...

well. apparently this guy isn't adverse to taking people down a peg or two.]

Do you have any idea who you're talking to?

[can he sound threatening? ... not really, okay, because this is getting a little ridiculous.]
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[ Sinbad's all too skilled in reading people to know that this facade is about at an end and the kid on the other line is holding back laughter, but he's nothing if not dedicated. (To his people, to the land, to really bad jokes.) ]

No need to get upset, this is either someone's idea of a prank gone wrong or a case of mistaken numbers. Surely there's more than one Willow in this place.

[ Oh, but that attempt at a threat? Let an actual king show you how it's done. There's a long moment of silence— somehow, somehow, he infuses it with a dark and swirling anger. When he does finally speak, his voice has lowered to an imperious growl, the sort of sound that sets ones nerves on edge and brings out one's primal instincts to flee. He may be infusing it with this place's take on "mana". He may actually be part animal. He may be near enough to overhear it in person as well as through the device, serving to make it that much more ominous. His tone is menacing. ]

Are you aware of who you're joking with, boy?

[ There isn't a single wisp remaining of that whimsical jokester from a moment before. Nothing that brooks argument in his voice, nothing that gives away it's even the same person. Maybe he shouldn't have gone full throttle— he may actually have given that poor cute waitress with the nice butt some nightmares for the next week. Poor girl went pale as a sheet when she overheard him. He's quick to put on a smile and raise a hand in apology HAHA JUST KIDDING IT'S OK WAITRESS HE'S JUST BEING A DICK TO SOME CHILD PRANK CALLING HIM. ]
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